Are you really ready to start looking for a house in New Milford, CT?

New Milford CT Real Estate Talk.

Dear Andrea, We are finally ready to start looking for a house!!!

We are ready to buy that house now!

This is the comment I hear that causes me to ask a few very pointed questions. Of course I will be happy to help you search for a home. But before we do anything…

Do you have a house to sell? Believe me, if you do, I would love to list it. But that is not why I am asking this question. If you have a house to sell YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT READY TO PURCHASE A HOME, therefore you are not ready for me, or any RealtorĀ® to take you out house hunting. Unless you are paying cash, or know for a fact that you do not have to sell your current home to purchase another you are in no position to find the house of your dreams. Before we do ANYTHING you need to find out the current value of your home from a qualified real estate professional. If you still want to sell your home after finding out how much it is worth in the current real estate market, which will bring you to my second question….

Have you spoken with a reputable lender? Are you actually pre-approved? Unless you are pre-approved for a mortgage we are probably wasting your time and mine. You need to know 2 very important things which a mortgage professional will tell you.

  • Are you able to obtain a mortgage?
  • How much of a mortgage do you qualify for?

When you are pre-approved and know how much you can spend on your new home, we will set those appointments and go out and start looking! If you don’t know how much of a mortgage you actually qualify for, how will we know what price range to look at? And can you imagine the frustration and upset you would go through if you found out AFTER you found the home of your dreams that you are not able to get a mortgage at this time?

So, you might be ready to start looking for a home, but are you really ready?

Stay tuned for more New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk.

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