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Subdivision or neighborhood, what is it? New Milford, CT real estate talk

I set out, camera in hand, to get you some pictures of our subdivisions in New Milford, CT.

A funny thing happened, I realized my concept of a subdivision is not like what others around the country may have. Sure, we have them, a few even have a fancy sign, set in stone pillars as an example. Graceful entrances to a few of the newer ones. Yet the older, more established subdivisions have lost their signs, some of the residents probably don’t even realize what the subdivision was once called! Of course a trip to the town hall would tell you the name when the subdivision was created. But now they are just neighborhoods. Some smaller, some larger, and they are located all over town.

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What I found was… I couldn’t get pictures! Not of the homes anyway, not really. Many of them are well established with an acre or two of land. The homes are set back from the wide, tree lined streets and you just can’t get a good shot of the typical homes. (I don’t like to take pictures of homes unless I have a home listed, I wouldn’t want it of my own home so I don’t do it, sorry about that.)

After much thought I decided we have neighborhoods. If you tell us you want to live in a subdivision we will know what you mean. You want more of a neighborhood feel, homes that are not in more private locations. Each neighborhood offering home owners something special based on size, price, location in town. We have them all here. 

New Milford, CT is 64 square miles and rural. Which subdivision or neighborhood will suit you best often depends on where you work. If you want to get to New York State quickly, perhaps something along the New York border will work best for you, like Colonial Ridge off of Route 55. Colonial Ridge is a well established subdivision. With that comes more trees, more plantings, homes in varying stages of upgrades and therefore varying prices.

Or maybe you need quicker access to I84. We have a few options available in Southern New Milford. For larger, newer homes, Fieldstone Estates is still in progress of being built, the latest ones are on Reservoir Road.

For homes that are going to be less expensive, Meadowbrook or Pleasantview are both great options. Although there are no longer signs there to let you know the name, many people will still refer to them by name. The streets are wide, the neighborhoods are both well established, the homes vary in size and price, and of course style.

If you want a newer, larger home with all the bells and whistles, the larger 4-5 bedroom colonials in Fieldstone Estates or Farmstead Acres might just do the trick for you. Fieldstone Estates is in the southern part of town, and Farmstead Acres is on the cusp of Northville, just off Route 109 and Ridge Rd. Gorgeous homes, not fully built out but already well established. Very quite cul de sacs in both.

Perhaps Candlewood Lake is more to your liking? Homes in lake communities are just that, we do not refer to them as subdivisions. They are water communities with association fees. Some are now tax districts instead of associations. They do have rules and regulations and they are all different. The one thing they all have in common is Candlewood Lake! Many of these lake communities have been around almost as long as Candlewood Lake has been here. Again, all different prices, different styles, options for anyone that is looking for one thing above all others. Access to Candlewood Lake!

Depending on what your needs are there are many different areas, subdivisions, neighborhoods, even more rural lifestyle homes available in New Milford, CT. All prices, all sizes, homes with privacy, homes on cul de sacs, antiques, new construction and all in between. Let us know what is important to you and we are sure we can help you find your new home in New Milford, CT! Your choice will probably start with which section of town you want to be in, then price and size of the home will come into play for you. 

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The Housatonic River in New Milford CT, Just For Fun!

IMGP6478 2_ 3__tonemappedI am afraid to say I have, at times in my tenure in New Milford, taken the Housatonic River for granted. Lately my thoughts have been consumed with the fact that today is the last day I have to drive over the bridge to get to my office. Suddenly it dawned on me that I won’t be driving over the river every day to get my office!

The Housatonic River begins its trek from the heart of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts in two places. From Muddy Pond in Hinsdale, Ma and Pontoosuc Lake, located in Lanesborough and Pittsfield, MA. In my little neck of the woods the Housatonic River is fed by the East and West Aspetuck River (the East Aspetuck headway is Lake Waramaug). Candlewood Lake is fed by the Housatonic River at the Rocky River Power Plant on Route 7. A giant penstock carries the water up the hill and into Candlewood Lake. Driving by the penstock I do often wonder who thought to do that in the first place?!?

Map of the Houstaonic River Watershed.

Our area in New Milford was settled by the Weantinocks, a branch of the Paugussett Indian Nation, and the Pooatuck’s who left their mark forever with their lore of their mighty Chief Waramaug and his daugher Lillinonah. It is said they lived high above the gorge at Lovers Leap. And like any good native folk lore, his daughter plummeted to her death with her English lover. (really the story can’t be true, but it is a great one). It is said they summered at Lake Waramaug (hence the name). I guess they understood the beauty of the river and lake way back when as we still do. It is also said that Chief Waramaug had the biggest long house in New England built on the river, interesting. It was 100X20 feet, and was decorated by many famous native artists from tribes all over. Magnificent indeed! It was called Waramaug’s Palace. Some things just don’t change! Lake Waramaug is still a favorite summer destination with some magnificent homes dotting the landscape around the lake.

The native’s were mostly farmers and fishermen that lived on the Housatonic River.  In a history book by Samual Orcutt it is said the natives here were peaceful and helped the colonists as they moved here.  The natives called the river “usi-a-di-en-uk” which means “beyond the mountain place”. Over time the river has changed. Dams were added, Candlewood Lake was built, but the river remains a large part of our history. Much of southern New Milford along the riverbed was comprised of tobacco and dairy farms which gained their richness of soil from the Housatonic River.

These days the river is used by many for recreation. We see a resurgence of canoes and kayaks, I understand further north of New Milford there are some great white water rapids that many enjoy. There are plenty of hiking trails, even the Appalachian Trail runs along the Housatonic River in Kent at Bulls Bridge. (In my younger years I always wanted to hike the entire trail… dreams of youth I suppose. Although I have walked it just enough to say I was “on it” at Bulls Bridge.)

A drive from New Milford north up Route 7 is fantastic any time of year. The river is your companion along much of the trip, you can see fishermen, people riding bicycles,…..canoes and kayaks, there are wonderful shops and restaurants, and of course the covered bridges at Bulls Bridge and Cornwall Bridge. The trip is beautiful any time of year.

Today there are a variety of homes up and down the Housatonic River of all prices and sizes. Those that live on the Housatonic River get a daily dose of its beauty. The railroad does also follow the river, I hope someday they will bring the passenger railroad back, what a trip that would be! I know they are working on it.

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the Housatonic River. In Southern New Milford at the head of Lake Lillinonah you can hike through Lovers Leap State Park, I have gotten some fantastic photos of the river at the old mill on the river. It is said that Chief Waramaug is buried there in the hills above the gorge at Lovers Leap. (Sounds like a hike is in my future.) Perhaps the old Boardman Bridge will spark your imagination. There has been talk over the years of restoring this beautiful old bridge and I hope they will. You are no longer allowed on the bridge, but there is plenty of parking around to get out and enjoy the river views from the bridge area. Many times I stop at Addis Park on Grove Street, just to look at the Housatonic as it flows downstream to Lovers Leap.

What sparked my story of the Housatonic River? An email from an 86 year old woman who summered on one of the few islands of the Housatonic River asking me for more information about her beloved island. She shared a few precious memories of her time here, it was wonderful. I hope to get her some pictures soon and hear more of her stories. I do love history, sometimes we forget that our own local history can be just as exciting as the history of far away places.

The Housatonic River, a Litchfield County treasure!

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A tank on the village green in New Milford? Why is that?

Many people I take out looking for homes in New Milford, CT do ask me why we have a tank on our beautiful village green. If you really want to know the truth, I wasn’t sure. I had heard that years ago the tank was in a parade, broke down and ended up staying here.

That’s one version of the tank on the green in New Milford story.

Like most stories that change over time, that particular version of the story may not be quite accurate. There is a modicum of truth to it, the tank was in a parade here. But after that, it would seem there is quite a difference of opinion about why and how the tank arrived on our village green in New Milford! I think it depends on which camp you are in as to the real truth of the story. Although I did like that story, I mean, it was rather funny if you ask me.

Over the years some have had issue with the tank on the green. There have been movements to have it removed, without any success we can tell as it still sits there. It does make a great climbing apparatus for the kids, they all seem to gravitate to it and instinctively climb all over it. I know my girls did when they were young, my grandsons are completely taken with it and run right up it, standing proudly on the top, king of the hill. As much as it is often completely obliterated with children climbing all over it, that is not why it is here, that much I know.

The accounts vary, the question does pop up in the local newspapers once in a while. I was given a folder of papers on it from Mary Miller, a retired real estate agent I worked side by side with for many years. Mary and her late husband Dale H. Miller, a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army, were involved in much of what went on here in town. Dale did quite a bit of research on the subject, there is much information in the folder.

According to Dale, the tank is a Stewart. It is rather odd that is appears here as a tribute to World War II Veterans. Dale wrote “For the M3 Light Tank was never fated to take part int he final Allied triumphs of World War II. It was born in the last days before the war, even as the world went mad.”

Dale goes on to tell the history and the workings of the Stewart Tank, very interesting indeed. However a story published on February 21, 1982 in the Danbury News Times tells two tales of this strange tank on our green.

A gentleman who ran the now defunct Bleachery at the end of West Street in New Milford by the name of Charles Robertson Jr, and a few other Veterans of World War II somehow got the tank through the army. It didn’t run, but being very ingenious and typical grown boys, they got it back in shape and drove it in the July 4th Parade in New Milford, I believe in 1949. (They also drove it around and played with it after fixing it, even came close to getting it stuck in the Housatonic River! Boys and their toys, it never changes!) They say they had plans all along to put it on the green, there was even a cement pad erected where it still sits now. This account of the story was verified by the other men involved, who are all gone now.

However…. another man, Mr. Howard Peck, who was the town clerk at the time told a bit of a different story. He said the tank was in the parade, but it got stuck after passing the town hall. And there it stayed until a few days later when the town agreed to put a slab on the green and drag the tank on to it.

There is no plaque telling its history or story, through the years it has been considered an eyesore by some, a monument to those who have served and are serving our country by others, and to the children of the town? Well, it is the best thing since sliced bread. It has no moving parts, you can’t get into it anymore, it just stands there, calling to children of all ages, “climb me”!

So that is how our tank got on the village green in New Milford, CT. According to Russell Bennett, a one time commander of our VFW Post “The tank stands as a monument to service men who have served and are serving everywhere.” I like his explanation, planned or unplanned, it serves the purpose well. To top it off, it sure is a great place to take my grandsons for a bit of fun downtown!

Perhaps Dale Miller summed it up best, without caring why or how it got to the green. I thank Mary Miller for allowing me to use his letter, his thoughts at the end of his letter speak volumes to our tank on the village green in New Milford.

“It is extremely doubtful that anyone ever accused an M3 Light Tank of being decorative. Certainly, it completely lacks the enduring qualities and architectural grace of the granite monuments which men are wont to erect. And as a town ponders the possible future odysseys of a tank, it is inevitable that it comes to represent many things to different people. To some, it is nothing more than a grim and unwelcome reminder of war, that most horrible of mankind’s activities. To others, it is an effective, if  makeshift, monument to those who, only a generation ago, paid with their lives to preserve a modicum of freedom and hope in the world. Is it only a meaningless eyesore, or could it be a nagging jog to the conscience that the history it represents must somehow not be repeated?

One of a few, perhaps even the last, survivor of a kind, the old tank rests quietly on the green.

A symbol……… of what?”

Dale H. Miller, written 26th of November, 1972.

(Dale H. Miller served our country well, in both Viet Nam and Korea. He was also a beloved husband and father, a good friend to many and a valued member of the community. Now I will be thinking of Dale every time I see the tank!)

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Holiday on the Green 2012 in New Milford a Big Success

A big thank you to all who make this so fantastic!

On Saturday, December 16th, we held our annual “Holiday on the Green” event in downtown New Milford, CT. It was cold, a bit rainy, even icy in some spots. The day was dark and it seemed to match the mood of how we were all feeling given the recent events in Newtown, CT. Some holiday events in the area had been rescheduled, however we decided that it was best to keep ours on track, as long as the weather held out.

About an hour and a half before the event was scheduled, we got a call from Bryan Lynch of Utopia Percherons in Goshen. He was stuck on the road near his home, waiting for the DOT to come and sand the roads. He had made some calls to them, and they where on their way. (Great job guys, thank you) Bryan was determined to get down to New Milford, although now we knew it would be a bit late. Santa was not going to be able to ride into town on the hay wagon, we had to make other arrangements for him. It was a good thing that our organizer of many, many years, Liddy Adams, has a red Jeep. Just perfect for Santa and Mrs. Claus to ride into town in. (You do know the reindeer are out of the question at this time of year, they are resting up for the big night.)

Santa and the Mrs. arrived, we had children waiting and they continued to wait for the hayride. Bryan arrived, got the horses ready and was good to go, only 20 minutes behind schedule. He knew it was important, and I must say, the look on the children’s faces told it all. We were right, we needed to keep on track, despite the bad news all around, for the children. And for the adults! We all had a wonderful time!

I am already looking forward to next years event, and how much more convenient for us that our office will be right on the green then! I can tell you this is one of the things I love about living here in Southern Litchfield County. Such a wonderful sense of community we have here, so many great things to do for all ages!

Before I forget, let me say a big thank you to everyone at Prudential Connecticut Realty in New Milford who have worked so hard on this event for so many years, to Housatonic Valley Insurance in New Milford who have jumped in to co sponsor it with us, to Utopia Percherons who have the most amazing horses ever and are committed to the kids, and to the New Milford Police Department who guide Santa and the hay wagon safely around the green. And of course to Santa and Mrs. Claus who agree to take time out of their very busy schedule to make this a fantastic event!

Take a look at this short video I made of this years Hayride on the Green! Happy Holidays to one and all, may you have a wonderful holiday, whatever you may celebrate, and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Prudential Connecticut Realty in New Milford CT is Moving to the Green!

Yes indeed, we are moving to a wonderful space on the New Milford Village Green, 27 Main Street. We will be sandwiched between New Main Moon and La Piccolina Restaurant, the smells should be nothing short of spectacular! But why the move? Well, it really wasn’t for the food, I swear. The office has been at 337 Danbury Road for a long time, but with the widening of Route 7 the traffic became too much to bear. We felt separated and wanted to be in a place that was closer to the heart of things in New Milford. And what is better than being right on the beautiful downtown New Milford Village Green! The views will be amazing every day, the east side of the green is chock full of fantastic old buildings and churches.

So look for us in mid January on the Green at 27 Main Street in New Milford, CT. Stop by and say hello when you are out and about in downtown New Milford. We would love to say hi!

See you in town very, very, very soon!

Rich and Liddy of the SPA Team!
Our new office in New Milford CT!!! Right on the green!

Holiday Hayrides on the New Milford CT Green, Dec 16, 2012, 1-3 pm

Looking for some FREE holiday fun in Litchfield County for the whole family? Prudential Connecticut Realty in New Milford, CT with Housatonic Valley Insuranc, HVI on the Green, are again hosting their annual Hayride on the Green in New Milford, CT.

Join us, December 16th, 1-3 pm
Join us, December 16th, 1-3 pm on the Village Green!

December 16th, 2012, 103 pm

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there, so bring your cameras to get lots of photos of the fun! We will also be serving hot chocolate to help brave the weather!

This is truly one of my most favorite things to do during the holiday season. The children have so much fun, their faces just sparkle and shine. And I think the adults have just as much fun, truth be told. So please join us for the FREE holiday event on our beautiful green in downtown New Milford, CT!

The horses are from Utopia Percherons in Goshen, CT. They are amazing animals, all decked out with sleigh bells.  These guys go all over, they are spectacular!

Holiday Hayride on the Green in New Milford, CT

Sunday, December 16th, 1-3 pm

Santa, Hayrides, Hot Chocolate



Open house Sunday 10/7 1-3pm, 48 Reservoir Rd, New Milford, CT

Join us for an open house at 48 Reservoir Rd in New Milford, CT this Sunday, October 7th, from 1-3 pm. A beautiful 3 bedroom colonial in a convenient location, minutes from downtown New Milford, in the quiet countryside.

Priced to sell at $305,000.

Directions: Take Second Hill Road at the corner of Elm and Rt. 67 to Reservoir Rd on the right. House is on the right, look for the Prudential Connecticut Realty open house signs!


Free concerts on the Green, August 2012 New Milford CT

Are you looking for something to do, just a bit different, in New Milford CT?  The Edwin Kinkade Concerts on the Green kicks off this Saturday, August 4, 2012. Best use of our beautiful town green and bandstand, bring chairs, blankets, snacks, whatever and have a great time! All for FREE!

Schedule of concerts, August 2012 Saturday, August 4, 2012
Bob Stump & the Blue Mountain Band
7:30 pm

Saturday, August 11, 2012
Roger Young & Dixieland Jazz
7:30 pm
(this event sponsored by Marandola Fuel Company)

Saturday, August 18, 2012
James Walker & His Steel Drum Band
7:30 pm
(this event sponsored by New Milford Insurance Agency)

Saturday, August 25, 2012
Easton Banjo
7:30 pm
(this event sponsored by Cramer & Anderson, LLP)

These concerts are FREE, held “weather permitting”. Each concert lasts about 1.5 hours.  The Edwin Kinkade Concerts on the Green is sponsored by the New Milford Commission on the Arts.

A big thank you to everyone involved, this is a fantastic program for all ages.

Cold Homes, Warm Hearts – Walk for Heating Assistance in New Milford, CT

Cold Homes, Warm HeartsWe have all heard of the cuts made to heating assistance programs by the Federal Government. After what we went through in New England last year it doesn’t make sense to me, but then again, nothing does. I know many who make hard choices lately because the cost of heating their homes has risen while their incomes have fallen. According to the town of New Milford, last year, $850,000 in heating assistance was given out to residents that qualified, this year, due to the cuts, they anticipate only $510,000 to be available. More people have less money these days, the costs associated with heating homes has risen…. it is a terrible situation.

The Town of New Milford is committed to raising money for our own Fuel Bank program. This Sunday, January 8th, is the Walk for Heating Assistance Fund Raiser, a 5K walk to raise money. The walk begins at 1:00 pm at the Richmond Senior Center on Main Street. To join the walk you need to give at least $10, but get people to sponsor your walk in order to raise more money! Registration begins at 12:30 in the Richmond Center dining room.

There will be prizes to the highest adult and youth pledge collectors! They are hoping to raise $20,000 with the walk, which is a drop in the bucket, all things considered. They want to load the streets of New Milford with walkers for this event, so come on down! (It was noted that this is a walk, not a run.)

This event is organized by New Milford Social Services, New Milford Senior Center and New Milford Parks & Rec department. The major sponsors of the event are ABC Fuels, Norbert Mitchell & Company and Marandola Fuel Service. Leahy’s Fuels and Superior Plus Energy Services are also sponsors of the event.

So come on down, have some fun, join in and fill the streets of New Milford with people walking for a very worthy cause!!!! It might be your neighbor, a friend, a family member who goes without heat this year because of these budget cuts. No one should go cold, no child, no senior, no person in our town should go without heat. Yet many will, I have no doubt of that. Do what you can, even if it is just the $10 donation!

For more information and for pledge envelopes you can contact the New Milford Social Services Department at 860.355.6079 or New Milford CT Senior Center at 860.355.6075.

(Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.)

Cold Homes, Warm Hearts
5K Walk for Heating Assistance in New Milford, CT
Sunday January 8, 2012
Registration begins @ 12:30, Richmond Senior Center dining room
5K Walk begins @ 1:00 pm