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Subdivision or neighborhood, what is it? New Milford, CT real estate talk

I set out, camera in hand, to get you some pictures of our subdivisions in New Milford, CT.

A funny thing happened, I realized my concept of a subdivision is not like what others around the country may have. Sure, we have them, a few even have a fancy sign, set in stone pillars as an example. Graceful entrances to a few of the newer ones. Yet the older, more established subdivisions have lost their signs, some of the residents probably don’t even realize what the subdivision was once called! Of course a trip to the town hall would tell you the name when the subdivision was created. But now they are just neighborhoods. Some smaller, some larger, and they are located all over town.

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What I found was… I couldn’t get pictures! Not of the homes anyway, not really. Many of them are well established with an acre or two of land. The homes are set back from the wide, tree lined streets and you just can’t get a good shot of the typical homes. (I don’t like to take pictures of homes unless I have a home listed, I wouldn’t want it of my own home so I don’t do it, sorry about that.)

After much thought I decided we have neighborhoods. If you tell us you want to live in a subdivision we will know what you mean. You want more of a neighborhood feel, homes that are not in more private locations. Each neighborhood offering home owners something special based on size, price, location in town. We have them all here. 

New Milford, CT is 64 square miles and rural. Which subdivision or neighborhood will suit you best often depends on where you work. If you want to get to New York State quickly, perhaps something along the New York border will work best for you, like Colonial Ridge off of Route 55. Colonial Ridge is a well established subdivision. With that comes more trees, more plantings, homes in varying stages of upgrades and therefore varying prices.

Or maybe you need quicker access to I84. We have a few options available in Southern New Milford. For larger, newer homes, Fieldstone Estates is still in progress of being built, the latest ones are on Reservoir Road.

For homes that are going to be less expensive, Meadowbrook or Pleasantview are both great options. Although there are no longer signs there to let you know the name, many people will still refer to them by name. The streets are wide, the neighborhoods are both well established, the homes vary in size and price, and of course style.

If you want a newer, larger home with all the bells and whistles, the larger 4-5 bedroom colonials in Fieldstone Estates or Farmstead Acres might just do the trick for you. Fieldstone Estates is in the southern part of town, and Farmstead Acres is on the cusp of Northville, just off Route 109 and Ridge Rd. Gorgeous homes, not fully built out but already well established. Very quite cul de sacs in both.

Perhaps Candlewood Lake is more to your liking? Homes in lake communities are just that, we do not refer to them as subdivisions. They are water communities with association fees. Some are now tax districts instead of associations. They do have rules and regulations and they are all different. The one thing they all have in common is Candlewood Lake! Many of these lake communities have been around almost as long as Candlewood Lake has been here. Again, all different prices, different styles, options for anyone that is looking for one thing above all others. Access to Candlewood Lake!

Depending on what your needs are there are many different areas, subdivisions, neighborhoods, even more rural lifestyle homes available in New Milford, CT. All prices, all sizes, homes with privacy, homes on cul de sacs, antiques, new construction and all in between. Let us know what is important to you and we are sure we can help you find your new home in New Milford, CT! Your choice will probably start with which section of town you want to be in, then price and size of the home will come into play for you. 

Search homes for sale in New Milford, CT. 


It might be a smokin’ hot price, but you still can’t afford it!

You see a house for sale in Southern Litchfield County, a smokin’ hot price, you are pre-approved by a lender, it’s in your price range… What do I mean you can’t afford it?

smokin hotIn a word (actually 2 words) Property taxes. Often times smokin’ hot real estate deals are homes that have been reduced significantly, but property taxes do not reduce as the price does. Those taxes need to be considered with your monthly payments, so this can knock the house right out of your affordable ball park.

Property tax is figured by the following: town assessment of the property times the mill rate divided by 1,000 = yearly property tax.

Towns and cities in Connecticut use what they have concluded, via their property assessments, 70% of their determination of fair market value. Do not confuse their number of “fair market value” for what is now fair market value according to the current real estate market! I always cringe when I hear anyone, especially a real estate agent, “the town says it is worth $XXX,XXX”. One has nothing to do with another!

What the town is saying is, on the date we revalued the property (and not through the same process a bank appraisal is done) they determined the house to be worth $XXX,XXX. Between revaluations, their fair market value price does not fluctuate, however the real estate market sure does. And their mill rate certainly can move up or down too depending on the yearly budget votes.

This can be especially true of distressed sales, or homes that have languished on the market for a long time!

Property tax amounts are something I always check for my buyers. That way, when a smokin’ hot deal comes along with property taxes that knock it out of the ballpark for them, I let them know. I have them contact their mortgage person and discuss what the high amount will do to their bottom line… the monthly payments. It can over-tip the scales so that a house that seems affordable based on list price becomes unbearable when it comes to monthly payments. On top of the mortgage payments and property tax there is also insurance to consider, and if there are any association fees at all that has to be factored into your monthly payments.

That house you found for sale may have a smokin’ hot price, but those monthly payments including taxes could be too hot for you to handle!

Interested in a home for sale in Southern Litchfield County? You can start your home search right here. But don’t forget to check those property tax amounts!



Lake Waramaug in Litchfield County, homes for sale

Lake WaramaugI love Lake Waramaug at any time of  year. The graceful homes hark back to an earlier time. Lovely Victorians, Adarondiack style homes with stone fireplaces and wood paneling, more traditional Colonials and Cape Cod style shingle homes enhance the scenery.  Many homes date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and have been lovingly restored and renovated over time with careful consideration of the character of Lake Waramaug.  During any season it is a pleasant drive, but with summer nipping at our heels the docks are showing promises of lazy summer days ahead on Lake Waramaug. A 90 minute trip from New York City makes Lake Waramaug a favorite retreat for those seeking the perfect country getaway. There are also many who have chosen to make Lake Waramaug their full time home.

Search homes for sale on Lake Waramaug in Litchfield County.

Although Lake Waramaug is the second largest natural lake in Connecticut, you wouldn’t know it to drive by. The lake is shared by Washington (the Village of New Preston), Kent and Warren. Washington and Warren do have their own beaches for the town residents (yearly fees apply, passes available at the town halls). There is also Lake Waramaug State Park tucked away on Lake Waramaug Rd which I have spent many a summer day at. The lake and surrounding area provides people with plenty of hiking, walking, biking, fishing, swimming, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and boating opportunities. There is a public boat launch at Lake Waramaug, however in order to preserve the integerity of the lake it has restrictions.Here are a few.

  • Public motorboat access to Lake Waramaug is only at the Town of Washington Boat Ramp, located just north of the Washington Town Beach.
  • There is a maximum of 20 non-resident motorboats allowed on Lake Waramaug, which is made of of 13 campers from Lake Waramaug State Park and 7 day boaters.
  • NO state boat launch will be built at Lake Waramaug per an agreement signed in 2004 between the towns and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
  • You can read more about the rules and regulations concerning boating at Lake Waramaug here at the Lake Waramaug Associaton Website

Washington__20100623_Boulders-117What is that bubbling of the water at Lake Waramaug? Children call it “monster water”, and are convinced there is a monster or two living at the bottom of Lake Waramug. You really can’t blame them for thinking so. Sadly, it is not from the Lake Waramaug cousin of the Lochness Monster, (although I am sure many a parent has been sorely tempted to tell them so). They are two Layer Aeration Systems put in to place to clean up the waters of Lake Waramaug. The residents of Lake Waramaug formed the Lake Waramaug Task Force and have been responsible for ground breaking ideas in preserving the health of Lake Waramaug and provide a model for others who wish to save their own lakes.

If you are interested, The Lake Waramaug Task Force has put out an awesome video (a bit long at 20 minutes) with an introduction to the history of Lake Waramaug followed by the information as to why the task force was formed and how they have been at the forefront of new ideas and innovations that continue to preserve Lake Waramaug for future generations to enjoy. Click here for the Vimeo Video, Saving Lake Waramaug. I found it fascinating and it gave me such respect for those residents who have given and continue to give of their time to preserve this Litchfield County treasure.

Homes for Sale, Lake Waramaug in Litchfield County, CT.


For more information and additional homes for sale, call The SPA Team, Swiedler, Pomerantz & Adams at 860.946.0686. Let us show you why Lake Waramaug has been a favorite place to visit for years and a wonderful place to live!


First time home buyers in Litchfield County CT need to start with the mortgage!

keys n houseWith the rates as low as they are, and home prices still relatively low in Litchfield County CT, perhaps you think it might be time to start looking for a house. And you are not quite sure where to start.

The first, most important step for you is to find out if you qualify for a mortgage and how much of a mortgage you qualify for.

There are a few things that are very important when looking for a lender.

  • Do they offer a first time home buyer program?
  • Do they help you get yourself on the right track if you have credit issues?
  • Is there someone you can actually meet with?
  • Do they have a good reputation? (Ask your real estate agent)

There are some really good programs out there that just might fit your situation. There are programs to help you with your down payment, there are programs that have really low rates but do have restrictions you might not be comfortable with, there are programs for 100% financing. Each program is different and not all lenders offer all of these programs.

Here are a few options to consider for first time home buyers in Litchfield County. Each program is different, the income limits vary from program to program, and certain programs have requirements that may make a more or less desirable for your situation.

Not all lenders participate in each of these programs. This means you have to do a bit of homework yourself to see which is the best fit for you then contact the appropriate lender. We do know who participates in the following programs, people we know and trust. Give us a call at 860.946.0686 if you want more information.

The Housing Development Fund

HDF has programs for down payments and closing costs as well as partnering with certain lenders for the mortgage. This is an awesome product, my daughter used it to buy her home. You will be assigned a counselor and will have to attend an orientation with them. They can even help you get any credit issues resolved to get you on your way to home ownership. All in all a very good product for those who meet the income limits, and Litchfield County is in their service area.

USDA Rural Development

The United States Department of Agriculture has a great program for first time home buyers. There is 100% financing available as well as the ability to borrow up to 103% of the appraised value of the home. You do not have to be a first time home buyer to use this product, but it is a great fit for certain first time home buyers in certain parts of Litchfield County CT. To determine if the property you are eligible for go to their website and plug in the address.


The current interest rate for a CHFA (Connecticut Housing Finance Authority) is lower than the rest at 2.75%. There is one thing you need to know, if you sell your home within 9 years of the purchase you may be responsible to pay a recapture tax. You need to make sure you understand this completely before you decide this loan is for you. CHFA also offers down payment assistance through their DAP loans, as well as a partnership with the Housing Development Fund.


The federal government offers loan products for first time home buyers. You must be able to put down a deposit that is 3.5% of the purchase price. It also may be possible to include some of the closing costs into your loan. But you will need that down payment!

VA Loans

The Veterans Administration offers home loan guaranty programs to active duty service members, veterans and eligible surviving spouses. There is no down payment requirement as long as purchase price doesn’t exceed the appraised value. Also there is no private mortgage insurance on a VA loan.

I think the most important thing you must remember is not all lenders participate in these programs, so you cannot get all the information in a one stop shop situation!

First time home buyers in Litchfield County do have access to some very desirable products that can make your dream of home ownership come true. Give us a call at 860.946.0686 and we will help direct you to the appropriate people who can assist you in your search for the right mortgage for your situation!

Lake Waramug in Litchfield County Homes for Sale

Washington__20100623_Boulders-106Thinking of warmer days, of summer on the lake? It may be the beginning of winter, but it is time to start looking for your summer vacation home in Litchfield County. Lake Waramaug is one of the most beautiful places here, a much sought after second home location in Litchfield County.

Start your search for a home on Lake Waramaug now and be ready for the summer season!

Lake Waramaug is one of my most favorite places here in Southern Litchfield County. A 90 car minute trip from New York City, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. The second largest natural lake in Connecticut, much of the shoreline of Lake Waramaug is as it was when people started vacationing here in the 1800’s. It can be like a step back in time when you drive around the lake with the antique and vintage homes that grace the shoreline. The lake even boasts a working farm, complete with cows, a world class vineyard and restaurant, and the fantastic Lake Waramaug Country Club with a golf course overlooking the lake.

Washington, including the Village of New Preston, Warren and Kent wrap around Lake Waramaug. The towns of Washington and Warren have their own private beaches for residents to enjoy. There is also the Lake Waramaug State Park with a public beach at the far end of the lake. For those who may not have their own docks there is a public boat launch available.

The drive around Lake Waramaug is probably one of the most spectacular drives in Litchfield County at any time of the year. The road winds around the lake, the landscape opens to homes nestled among the trees, some have what I would say are absolutely breathtaking views of the lake. It is certainly worth the trip up to Litchfield County to check out a few of these lake homes. There are lake front estates worthy of the most discriminating buyer. There are also homes located within a few moments of the lake, some with distant views, that you might find a bit more affordable.

Take a tour of Lake Waramaug in pictures.

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The time to start thinking about purchasing your vacation home on Lake Waramaug is now. Come on up, take a walk in the village of New Preston and shop the boutiques, have lunch at The Hopkins Inn overlooking the lake, check out the Hopkins Inn Vineyard, and of course, let us show you a few lake homes, you just might find the vacation home you have been dreaming about!

Give us a call at 860.946.0686, or send an email to to set up your tour of the homes available for sale on Lake Waramaug in Litchfield County.

Is it the right time to buy a home in Litchfield County?

Is it really the right time to buy a house?

Of course there are many factors that determine if this is indeed the right time to purchase a home in Litchfield County. Job security, availability of funds, credit score, these are personal factors that determine if it is the right time for you to purchase a home.

But if you are confident in your job security, if you have the funds and the credit score and are sitting on the fence, you may want to get down off the fence and purchase a home in Litchfield County.

Why now?

Interest rates are low, housing prices are low, it is a buyers market. However, the inventory is shrinking and prices are not falling like they were overall. Over the past few years people had no confidence in home prices. It was rather like buying a new car, we all know that when you drive it off the lot is lost value. And that was true of the housing market. I was always concerned that from the time the offer was made and accepted and the date it closed, the house would have already lost value.

But that is no longer the case. Housing prices are not in a decline. A report released by CoreLogic stated that Connecticut was the 6th worst state for price depreciation. The rates home prices are rising is very slow, less than 1% year over year, but the good news is, they are no longer falling!

So if you are sitting on the fence, waiting for the market to bottom out, you missed it. But the combination of low housing prices and historically low interest rates, it is time for you to climb down off that fence. There are some truly great housing bargains out there. And it just might be less expensive to own a home rather than to rent a home these days!

Check out what homes are available to purchase. Search homes for sale in Litchfield County.

Real Estate in New Milford, CT. When bad news is good news.

Connecticut homes prices have increased less than one percent year over year, which places us as the 6th worst state for price depreciation. This is according to a report released by CoreLogic, a trusted real estate information source.

What does this mean for Connecticut? I publish monthly real estate stats for New Milford, and every few months for other towns we sell real estate in. As I keep saying, progress is slow in New Milford. Housing sales seems to have stabilized, however prices are still low and they fluctuate. We do not have any noticeable appreciation month to month. With our sales averaging around 20 a month, housing prices can be skewed by a foreclosure or two in one month, or an estate home in another. But looking year over year, the increase any seller might be looking for just isn’t there.

We tell our sellers, if you can sell, if you really want to sell, you have to price your home according to local market conditions, according to location, according to condition. You have to make your home as enticing as possible to be one of the magic 20 that make it to a closing table.

Connecticut did do better than 5 other states as far as price appreciation goes. Illinois, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Alabama showed less appreciation than we did.  Take a look at the average sale price and median sale price for New Milford, CT over the past 10 years.  I think the story is very clear when you look at these numbers.

A buyer should find this very good news. Prices are appreciating, albeit slowly. That means the house they buy today won’t automatically lose value as soon as they sign on the dotted line. Rates are low, home prices are low, all good news.

Search homes for sale New Milford, CT.

What about those people sitting on the fence waiting for prices to drop even lower? Bad risk, the trends say otherwise. If you want to buy but are fence sitting, you better jump down off that fence before Connecticut shows more dramatic price increases. Although I don’t think they will ever rise like they did before, some states are seeing a greater than 6% increase. And that is not what a buyer is looking for these days!

But for sellers, it is not the best of news. We are not making up the amount that was lost fast enough to allow some people to sell. Still, there are ways to make it happen if you must sell. Short sales allow some to sell for less than what they owe the lender. Making your home as appealing as possible to a buyer, using the best marketing strategy that is available.

But there are some bright spots out there! Today I posted my usual market report for New Milford. The real estate absorption rate stands at 8 months. If no other homes come on the market it will take us 8 months to sell the current inventory. This is better than previous months. We have seen those numbers in the double digits! 6 months is a balanced market, that is the goal.

Free app, search homes for sale in Litchfield County CT

We have a free app for you to search homes for sale in Litchfield County and all of CT. A no ad app, which I actually use myself when I am out and about. The app uses your GPS to locate nearby homes for sale and rentals, or you can put in your own search criteria. You can even search sold homes!

Text GLR to 87778 to download the free app and start your home search right away from your cell phone! Courtesy Swiedler, Pomerantz & Adams, the SPA team and Prudential Connecticut Realty.

Text GLR to 87778 for your free home search app

Southern Litchfield County real estate, should a buyer have representation?

The dreaded buyer broker agreement is real estate license law in Connecticut!

I'm sorry, I can't help you...I don’t represent you in the purchase of this house, yer on yer own! There are those that believe that they don’t need a real estate agent. Just like a listing contract with a seller, we have a contract with our buyers called a “Buyer Broker Agreement” in Connecticut. The form can make a few buyers feel very uncomfortable, but it is license law. When a seller decides they they don’t need a real estate agent is is typically because they want to avoid paying real estate commissions, at least on the listing agent side. In Connecticut, when we represent a buyer in FSBO, or for sale by owner transaction, we cannot assist the seller. Point blank.

I did put in an offer on behalf of a buyer with a FSBO seller. The seller wanted my advice, yet I couldn’t give it.  It was like someone tying my hands behind my back and asking me to talk.  The seller was a busy physician, she couldn’t respond in a timely fashion to my calls, she was flustered that I couldn’t help her at all, she would have questions that I couldn’t assist her with. “I’m a doctor, what do I know about selling a house”? I wanted to say… then why ARE you trying to sell it on your own? I didn’t… we were in the middle of negotiations… The deal fell apart early on and quite honestly, in this particular case, I was relieved.

But what about an unrepresented buyer?

How does this typically happen? A buyer will go to a listing agent and want to see the property. In Connecticut we can show any listings that belong to our broker without a Buyer Broker Agreement. After seeing the home the buyer decides to put in an offer. And they decide they don’t need any representation by a real estate agent.

What does this mean to the transaction?

In the words of Judith Johannsen, Assistant Counsel for the Connecticut Association of Realtors®, Inc.

“Here are two basic rules to remember when buying a home. First, a buyer with representation will have an educated ally who can help him understand how to form and negotiate an offer and how to navigate the financing and inspection processes. Second, the unrepresented buyer is on his own.”  (you can read the full text of her explanation here, it is very good)

I have had occasion to work with an unrepresented buyer on the sale of a property. And it was a case where representation was badly needed, but there was nothing I could do about it. I knew the buyer wanted the home, it was in the best interest of my seller for the purchase to go through, BUT THE BUYER WAS ON HIS OWN! And it was complicated, there were… impediments to the sale. At every juncture, questions would arise on the part of the buyer. Questions I could have answered, advice could have been given, but…. THE BUYER WAS ON HIS OWN.

A buyer in a real estate transaction in Connecticut who elects to have representation will have to enter into a contract, the Buyer Broker Agreement.  In very simple terms, the contract says I will do my best to find you the house that fits your parameters, and assist you with the purchase of the home. You agree only to work with me. You also understand that the seller will pay my commissions. But in the event the seller refuses to, or cannot pay my commission, my broker will look to you to pay the commission due. And that is the part most buyers find hard to swallow. I can only say, I don’t work for free. We do our best to know ahead of time if the seller won’t have the funds to pay the commission, it would not be a common occurrence that it would suddenly be a surprise at the closing table. But it is in the Buyer Broker Agreement.

And without the Buyer Broker Agreement, I cannot represent you! I break license law, the seller doesn’t have to pay me any commission, and I could get in trouble with the CT Real Estate Commission. My license is my livelihood, I am not risking it for anyone!

So if that bothers you and you decide to go it alone, just remember, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. I work for the seller, and the seller alone. I cannot assist you in any way, shape or form. As a matter of fact, it is my job as the listing agent to GET THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE FOR MY CLIENTS, and it very well may be at your expense.

If you are refusing to enter into a Buyer Broker Agreement with me because you don’t want to participate in what we call Dual Agency, I can accept and understand that. For your own good, please stop all communications and get yourself representation. I can even find someone for you, not a problem. I want you to be represented, really I do. The sale will go much smoother for all concerned.

Otherwise, best of luck… yer on yer own!

After you buy your home, sound advice from an expert

Great information about what to do if you have recently bought a home, or are thinking about buying a home from Eric Tyson, author of Home Buying for Dummies & Real Estate Investing for Dummies. The following is courtesy of Erik Braunitzer, a member of the creative writing team at Prudential Douglas Elliman.

Dottie Herman

If you have recently bought a home, or even if you are thinking about buying one, you will find it beneficial to listen to the broadcast titled “10 Things to Do After Buying Your Home.”  This broadcast was first heard on the “Eye on Real Estate with Dottie Herman” radio show, and it includes a featured talk between the CEO of Prudential Douglas Elliman, which is Dottie Herman, and Eric Tyson, who happens to be an experienced personal finance expert and author.

On the morning of June 2nd, as Dottie opened up the broadcast, she stated, “Getting the money to buy is hurdle one, and paying is hurdle two.”

She then briefly discussed the benefits associated with virtual home staging, as well as those associated with enhancing curb/Internet appeal.  Soon after she introduced Tyson, who then began the interview by talking about his motivation;

“A lot of the information that was out there frequently was written by well intentioned journalists, but journalists who didn’t really have that in-the-trenches perspective.”

Eric Tyson

Tyson then went on to explain how he had partnered with real estate professionals who had extreme experience in the field, and that they had wrote “Home Buying for Dummies and Real Estate Investing for Dummies”.

Before he spoke on some of the ideas that buyers should consider implementing right after buying a home, Dottie and him discussed matters relating to the recent costs of homes, as well as how some buyers were regretting buying their homes.  Tyson then followed this part of their chat by saying that those people who were considering purchasing a home that could afford to, should.  He said this and explained that this statement was only meant for those homebuyers who were confident in their present financial situation, as well as their current employment situation.  Soon afterwards, he narrowed down a list of individual tips that could be followed when purchasing a home.  They are as follows:

Make sure the home is affordable: Tyson claimed, “You have to look at your overall financial situation to figure out how much house you can truly afford.”

Evaluate your personal circumstance: Look at the things you know for sure, such as your finances, the ability to pay back loans, as well as your ability to put your kids through college.

Look at your comfort level: Always make sure that the decision processes in making your home purchase are angst free.

During the broadcast, things became very interesting when Dottie started to point out the 10 points Tyson stated in his book that related to what should be done when purchasing a home.  They are as follows:

1) Avoid Solicitors: It is important to recognize when someone is trying to solicit you into buying a home.  Avoid these types of people and loan offers.

2) Partner with an experienced Financial Planner: More on this topic can be found in Tyson’s book.

3) Partner with a Real Estate Team that has Experience in the Real Estate Field: Tyson went on to explain in the interview that all buyers should investigate for themselves the real estate team that they are planning to seek services through.  He says, “Learn enough so that you can evaluate these people and make a good hiring decision.”

4) Consider Refinancing: Due to the fact that interest rates are at a very low level, people should consider if they can benefit from refinancing.  Tyson stated during the interview,

“It’s a situation complicated by all the financing options available…You know, historically, the motivation to re-finance comes from the ability to save money, and re-financing always costs you money, so what you have to look ‘how many years is it going to take me to re-coop the financing cost, and is this a worthwhile trade-off?”

5) Make Electronic Payments: In order to miss making payments on time, Tyson suggests that making house payments should be done so in an electronic manner, as missing a payment can significantly put a damper on a home purchaser’s credit score.

6) Setting Cash Aside: In response to Dottie’s question relating to whether or not there is a standard rule of thumb when it comes to emergency funds, Tyson said, ““if things are…volatile, you should have at least 6 months worth of living expenses [saved up for emergencies].”

7) Mortgage Insurance: Instead of buying a mortgage insurance plan, Tyson suggest that a life insurance policy is generally more beneficial. Tyson stated, “The life insurance decision comes down to ‘how many years worth of your income are you trying to replace?”

8) Always Watch Your Tax Assessments:  This is especially true for those home purchasers that buy a home in which its market value is based on current market values.  Tyson says, “Sometimes local towns and municipalities get it wrong.”

9) Receipts Relating to Home Matters: Tyson suggest hanging on to every homeowner’s document.  Hanging on to these documents helps to sell a home at a higher profit-making price than it would be when compared to not having any type of renovation or updating documentation.

10) Smell the Roses: Tyson mentions in his book that when buying a home, it should fit into a home purchaser’s comfort level, as well as help the person practice self-preservation.

Tyson has written five national best sellers, with one of them obtaining him the Benjamin Franklin Award.

(Images and post courtesy Prudential Douglas Elliman)