For Sale By Owner New Milford CT, Buyer Scam

For Sale By Owner, New Milford CT buyer scam. The house you save may just be your own.

the house you save may just be your ownAre you selling your home in New Milford, CT on your own (FSBO)? A word of caution, inspired by recent (and not so recent) events and a post by a Realtor® friend in Maine, Andrew Mooers. I suggest you read Andy’s story, he is 100% right on target here.

Have you been approached by a couple who want to do a “lease purchase” or “rent with option to buy”home that is for sale in New Milford, CT? Sounds good, your house has been on the market a bit to long for your liking, or perhaps you have to sell, this is a way out of the mortgage payment for now. I have spoken with numerous Realtors® in the past few weeks who have saved their home owners from a potential tragedy. 13 calls to one agency alone, a few calls to ours, on and on.

There is a couple who target the New Milford, CT real estate area with just such a pitch. The push will be to get it done quickly, they are in such a hurry to find a place to live. A child that is going to college in the nearby area, the commute for him is killing him, on and on. They will have to have a bank check drawn up, it is possible they may even have deposit money for you. Please, insist on a credit check, contact former landlords, do whatever you can to prevent a disaster.

I can tell you they have stiffed former property owners with this scam. Homes left trashed, changes made that will have to be reversed, legal fees will mount up. Many Realtors® in the New Milford, CT area are aware of couple and are protecting their clients from falling into this nightmare. Without knowing it you may fall into this nightmare trap. If you don’t have reserves built up you will most probably loose your house to foreclosure in the worst case scenario. If you can pay your mortgage, you will have lost valuable time in marketing your home for sale, the price will most likely go down too.

Because you have chosen to sell your home on your own as a FSBO in New Milford, CT, you will not be able to rely on the expertise of a Realtor® who could save you from this nightmare. Make sure you contact a local attorney before signing on the dotted line. The house you save may just be your own!

For Sale By Owner New Milford CT, Buyer Scam.


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