Marketing your home till the cows come home

We use professional photos for all our listingsThat’s what we do, we market your Southern Litchfield home for sale until the cows come home, which would be, until it sells. Our job doesn’t finish when we put the listing on the multiple listing service. It is a living, breathing job, with things to be done on a regular basis.

What happens when you sign a listing with Swiedler, Pomerantz & Adams?

We start our marketing as soon as we see your home. I (Andrea) am formulating the plan for my internet marketing, seeing how the home will look, thinking how best to present it. Rich is looking at how he will shoot the home for our marketing. Rich is not only a real estate agent, he is a well known photographer who has done layouts for many prominent magazines (AND he spent many a year as a real estate attorney). Liddy is busy thinking about how to bring the more traditional approach to our marketing plan, figuring out who the buyer will be, where they will come from, and how best to present your home to the local real estate community.

Here is a sample of what we do when we list your home.

  • We place the listing on the two main multiple listing services in Connecticut.
  • We use Rich, our resident professional photographer, for all our listings. He approaches all our shoots as if they are magazine shoots, no matter what size the home is, what price point the home is at.
  • Our listings are all on our Litchfield County Real Estate YouTube channel.
  • We place “Text to” riders on our listings to make internet flyers instantly available to potential buyers. (Try it out, Text SPA to 860.799.4843)
  • We syndicate our listings to a wide variety of places online where buyers are actively looking for homes.
  • We use an awesome internet flyer that is easy to use for potential buyers and looks fantastic.
  • Our internet flyers have a mobile site which looks great when people are on their phones looking.
  • We blog about our listings, and blog and blog and blog about our listings.
  • We showcase our listings locally. (Liddy is more of a traditionalist, she takes care of this, and has been in the real estate business locally for over 25 years)
  • We present our listings to local real estate agents.
  • If appropriate and agreed upon we do public open houses.
  • We present virtual “open houses” of our listings.
  • We use social media to present our listings to potential buyers.

We are confident that our marketing will place your house above all the rest, will present well to all potential buyers. Our marketing program works 24/7 for you. We don’t stop marketing your home until that cow comes home! Until we are sitting with you at the closing table. For more information about how we can market your home give us a call at 860.946.0686.

Bring that cow home!




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