New Milford CT Market Watch April 2010

New Milford Connecticut Real Estate Market Activity April 2010

Currently in New Milford, CT there are 284 single family homes on the market.

The average list price of single family homes in New Milford, CT is $478,839.

The average market time for these active listings in New Milford, CT is 128 days.

The highest price home for sale in New Milford, CT is $5,900,000, an estate belonging to a world famous comedienne, and located on the New Milford, New Preston, CT border

The lowest priced home for sale in New Milford, CT is $99,850, a small antique colonial located in the downtown area of New Milford, CT.

Of the 284 single family homes active on the market in New Milford, CT, 22 are under deposit. (This is 7 less than last month at this time and probably due to homes to qualify for the tax credit had to be under contract by 4/30/10) The average list price of these homes is $388,791, and the average market time is 133 days.

Currently there are 32 homes that are in the pending sale status in New Milford, CT. The average list price of these homes is $372,581. The average market time for these homes is 81 days. Check out the previous home sale market activity report for April 2010, we are seeing more homes in the pending sale status.  This could be as a result of the ending of the home buyers tax credit. We have to wait for the next few months to see how this shakes out.

Comparisons, April 2009 to April 2010

The above statistics are provided courtesy of Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service (CMLS). Information provided is deemed reliable, but not necessarily accurate. There may be discrepancies, as mistakes in inputing can be made, and the fact that Connecticut has more than one multiple listing service. There may be instances where a home was/is for sale in New Milford and is on the other multiple listing service. Most of the homes for sale are listed on CMLS, therefore that is where I base my statistical information. I do believe it gives a good sense of what is happening in New Milford.


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