New Milford CT Property Revaluation

What do you mean you need to get inside my house? You already did!

I was just as confused as the ownerDid you get a letter from Vision Appraisal stating the interior of your home needed to be inspected for the property revaluation in New Milford, CT? The problem is that they have already been inside? Seems that there was a hitch in the gitalong, a bit of a hiccup. Many letters were sent in error. According to the town of New Milford you can ignore the letter if you have already had someone come in.

If somehow they missed getting into your home and you got the letter. You really should call. Don’t leave it up to someone to guess what it inside your home, they may guess you have 5 bedrooms when you really have 3. They may guess you have a finished lower level when you don’t. Don’t assume that if you don’t let them in you will be better off.

Remember, if you thinking of selling your home and the town has wrong information, that will not go in your favor. For instance, if you have a home that is 2,800 square feet, but for some reason the field card says you have 2,100 square feet, the appraiser will have a very hard time to get your home to appraise for what it is really worth! You could be shooting yourself in the foot!

Any questions, call the tax assessors office at the New Milford Town Hall, 860.355.6070. They will be happy to assist you.


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