New Milford CT Real Estate, Losing Three Listings Is OK By Me.

New Milford CT Real Estate, Losing Three Listings Is OK By Me.

Housing Prices are sometimes disappointing for home ownersThis past week I lost three listings after presenting my price. Am I mad? No, it’s ok by me. Did I lose to another agent? Probably on one, but that is a horse of a different color. All three of the homes are in New Milford, CT.

I met with the home owners of two of the homes and told them not to sell if they don’t have to. The first couple was taken aback by my price, but after a few minutes into the conversation, showing them what has sold, what is on the market, what is pending, under deposit, the husband piped up and said he thought this was going to happen. I encouraged them to contact someone else if they were uncomfortable with my price. They said they didn’t feel they needed to. Numbers don’t lie.

The second home also won’t sell for what she needs to get, she is going to sit tight. There are problems with the towns assessed value of the home. I will go back next week and walk her through the process of how to deal with this. I believe she is paying double what she should in taxes. Apparently so did the other Realtors┬« she spoke to before me. One wouldn’t even give her a price, stepped onto the porch and said she had bad news. Said she could never sell the house with the assessment and taxes that high. Then she said goodbye and left. Never said a word about how she could fight the assessment, nothing. When it is time to sell she told me I am the one. That is fine by me.

I was just as confused as the ownerThe third house knocked me for a loop. I came in $300,000 lower than the lowest CMA, and there were 9 others. I really didn’t want to get involved, but decided “why not”? I won’t go into detail, but I know I am right. My last comment was wishing him good luck of course, and said I was actually happy to be in this position, as I was sure I would be hearing from him in a few months.

After thinking about the last CMA, especially the other prices, I was shocked at how 9 others would give such a price in a market like this. Shocked, dismayed and saddened. I am very good with pricing a house, I have pretty good aim at that dartboard we all use these days. I know many will think that 9 people can’t be wrong, I will stand by my numbers fiercely and I will not buy a listing ever.

Pricing a home honestly is key, no matter what the seller needs or wants to get. Losing three listings is really ok by me, and I am putting on a lovely 4 bedroom colonial with all the bells and whistles Monday!

But I am still scratching my head…

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