New Milford CT Real Estate Talk, Dirty Roof? $$$ saving tip.

New Milford CT Real Estate Talk, Dirty Roof? $$$ saving tip.

If your roof looks like this, clean it up!Roofs are a big source of contention. They stain, in the right conditions they grow moss, making a roof that is in good shape look like it needs to be replaced. This can scare a potential buyer right off the property and on to the  next home on their list.

I have run across a new product to clean the roof, guaranteed safe to the roof AND environmentally friendly as well. Roof Reviver seems to be one of the easiest products I have seen around, cost effective AND safe to use. For a few hundred bucks you can get a kit that will allow you to use your garden hose to spray the product on your roof, (pump included in the kit) and for those of us who do  not want to get up on the roof, let the rain do the work for you! Amazing stuff really.

If your home is for sale in the greater New Milford, CT area you really should take a look at this product. It will make the roof look like new. “Curb appeal” starts from the bottom up, don’t overlook your roof! I know I will be passing this information on to my clients who are selling their homes and including it in my curb appeal information. Wow, what a difference!

The website for Roof Revivers does have a list of contractors in Connecticut if you don’t want to, or can’t do it yourself.

If you are selling your home in the greater New Milford CT area, don’t overlook the roof! It could cost you a potential buyer and $$$ down the line.

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