New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk. Why do you need to know if there was a permit issued?

New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk. Why do you need to know if there was a permit issued? For my finished basement? For the addition I put on? For the deck?

Did this guy do the work at your house?I see the horror in the faces as I ask the dreaded question, did you have a permit for that? And yes, I will be going to the building department and checking on that. You see, I won’t be the only one going to the building department. I am pretty sure (if they are worth their salt) when we get the offer you are looking for, the buyers agent will be heading to the building department too. They will be looking for discrepancies between that the town says you have on the field card, what your house actually has, and records that the work was performed as it should have been, with the proper permits, by qualified, licensed people. And they will want to know that the town has come back and signed off on the work done!

And these days, appraisers are doing the same exact thing.

Although Uncle Frank did a beautiful job enclosing that porch, installing heat in there, without the proper permits and approvals in place it is nothing more than a headache for you. New roof? We need to see a building permit was obtained and signed off on by the building department. Nice wood stove, but did you go and get the permit when it was installed? Was it installed properly or did your cousin Bubba put it in for you. Yes it is wonderful, you can heat the house with only wood now, and it sure is a beauty, and it only cost you a case of beer which Bubba drank before he put the stove in….

The problem is… although you love Uncle Frank and cousin Bubba to death, the people buying your house don’t. And believe me, the lender doesn’t either. They want to know the work was done by a professional, that building codes were adhered to. And the buyers insurance company won’t exactly be happy either!

If are thinking of putting your house on the market in the greater New Milford, CT area, make sure your permits are in place. If you are unsure, go to the building department yourself and check. If you and Uncle Joe finished the basement without permits, let the building department help you out. If you want to sell, you need to address these issues before putting your house on the market. You may try to hide it, but someone will find out and it can blow the deal right out of the water.

So that is why I need to know if there was a permit issued for that finished basement of yours in New Milford, CT!

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