New Milford CT Real Estate, why should I disclose that?

When someone talks to me about selling their home, price is the first thing that comes up. My standard phrase is “price it accordingly”, then we discuss what I mean by that.

Price it according to condition. And then…
price it according to location, and then…
price it according the the local market.

Cue the dreaded home inspectorIf you can fix it, do so. If you can’t or won’t, price it according to the actual condition. (If you think you can hide something about the condition of your home, think again.) Then you must disclose!

(Cue stage right) Bring in the dreaded home inspector.

Did you honestly think that he wouldn’t find the bucket you have in the attic used to catch the water pouring in from the active leak you have going on there? He will, and boy oh boy will the buyers be angry.

It may cost you the sale….

The fact you painted over the water stains on the ceiling will not deter this pesky home inspector. They use the CSI method of investigations. You know… the flashlight technique. Walls, joints, ceilings. That beam of light hitting the wall tells all. Fix the leak first, then paint. And note it on the disclosures… (as a side note, just painting over an area that has water damage will show up… that darned inspector has Xray vision or something)

Or it might cost you the sale….

When the outside of the house is rotting, which is causing water problems, either fix it and disclose, or price it according to the condition and disclose. The inspector will find it, the buyers will be angry and…

It may cost you the sale….

When the inspector finds serious issues in an inspection that were not disclosed, I can tell you that the buyer begins to fear that there may be even bigger issues that you are hiding.

And that WILL cost you the sale.

And as a side note, if you think you can just move on and try again, remember this. Your agent is bound by law to disclose known issues, even if you choose not to.

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