Real live Christmas trees, wreaths, roping, centerpieces and more in New Milford CT

Have you ever seen a real live Christmas tree? I have, at Fieldstone Nursery in New Milford, CT. Yes, of course they have the live trees, but how about a REAL LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE? It is quite the experience, I am here to tell you that there really are walking, talking live Christmas trees.

Are you looking for that special Christmas tree? Or perhaps a wreath, or some of that beautiful roping to hang outside of your house, or maybe you are thinking of a certain centerpiece for the holidays. Stop by Fieldstone Nursery in New Milford, CT and check out their live Christmas trees, wreaths, holiday centerpieces and more!

The little elves at Fieldstone Nursery in New Milford, CT are hard at work again! From now until they sell out, Fieldstone Nursery will be open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm making and selling you some of the most spectacular holiday greenery and more. I was there the other day and went in the magical back room, the elves were certainly hard at work. The air was heavy with the smell of Christmas, the greens were flying, from the boughs of the evergreens stacked up everywhere came the most spectacular wreaths and centerpieces right in front of my very eyes! In the excitement of the moment I almost shouted out… “I’ll take one of EVERYTHING”!

If you don’t see what you want, or want something special, they are taking orders now.

Don’t be surprised when a live Christmas tree wraps your tree up for the ride home! (I just love this guy.) And I am so looking forward to a cup of the Baldwins famous spiced cider.

Fieldstone Nursery is located at 48 Merryall Rd in New Milford, CT. And a new location is opening for your convenience on Rt 7 in New Milford for the holiday season. More to follow on the newest location with photos! They also have an assortment of Thanksgiving themed centerpieces, door decorations and more!

If you are looking for a live Christmas tree, wreaths, roping, holiday centerpieces and more, you can’t go wrong at Fieldstone Nursery in New Milford, CT!


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