Roof staining, moss, lichen growth prevention in New Milford CT

If you are thinking of installing a new roof, this is certainly a must read! Even for those who have older roofs that are suffering from staining and growth you can still help extend the life of your roof.

Zinc strips!

Inspired by a post I read from Minneapolis home inspector Reuben Saltzman on the effectiveness of using Zinc strips or Zinc tape on your roof, I did some research on my own. Reuben makes a very good argument for using zinc strips as he performed his own experiment. Not only did the zinc strips he installed inhibit new growth of moss and lichen, but actually helped to remove the old growth. You can read the post here and decide for yourself:  A semi-long experiment: zinc strips on a moss covered roof.

You can actually install these on existing roofs to help add life to your roof. Moss and lichen growth is typical in this area and can shorten the life of the roof and can be very costly in the end. If you are planning to install a new roof, talk to your roofer about adding zinc strips to the project.

Now I did read that some roofers don’t believe that zinc strips work. After reading and seeing the before and after photos that Reuben posted, I am a believer! Do make sure that you get pure zinc strips or tape and not metal that has been painted with zinc.

Don’t believe how easy they are to install? Check out this video from “This Old House”.

Got moss, algae, lichen or staining on your roof in New Milford, CT? Try having zinc strips installed just under the ridge vent. They seem to be a reasonably priced tool to help give your roof more longevity, and they will look a whole lot better too!


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  1. I have roof shingles that have been discolored by something it is a dark brown. I had my electric service upgraded and with that they replaced the conduit through the roof because it was badly corroded. The new conduit is galvanized and the discoloration has been removed in the area below the conduit. I am sure it must have been the zinc. I really want to try the zinc strips.

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