It is still a fragile real estate market in Southern Litchfield County. If you want to get your home sold in New Milford, Sherman, Kent, Warren, Washington, Roxbury or Bridgewater, CT, I have the answers. 

First impression Litchfield County real estateFirst impressions count!

My marketing program is innovative and powerful.It is still a buyers market, attracting more buyers is key to getting your home sold.

What I do

  • provide intensive internet marketing like no one else does
  • augment that with traditional marketing
  • professional photos of your home to showcase in the best light possible
  • provide monthly market stats to keep you up to date with the current local real estate market

You have about 30 seconds to make that first impression with a buyer. I make it COUNT!

The Big Elephant and the Kiss of Death

Once you decide to sell, the biggest question in your mind is “what is my house worth?” Is will remain the big elephant in the room until you are presented with the facts. My job is to give you the present market value based on facts, based on current local market conditions. I know the areas I cover well, I keep up with new listings, what has sold, what has gone under deposit. When you want to know I will provide you with an answer, that’s my job.

And now comes the kiss of death, as I refer to it. 

I can see it in the face, in the body language, the eyes. The price is not what you wanted to hear, not what you may have heard from another. And you are about to give me the kiss of death! But before you do, consider this recent real life scenario. And there are more where this came from….

A while back I was called out to to a market analysis on a home. The sellers were moving out of state so they needed to sell, no matter what. They hated my price. And they really disliked my answers when I justified my price.

But what about this house the other agent showed us as a comp? It sold over a year ago. Why are you so sure that the fact we don’t have central air is a reason to reduce? This is a large, newer home. People expect central air. And because you have baseboard heat it will cost a buyer $10,000 plus to add central air. There was more, I saw where we were going. And the location is one that can be a really tough sell. With winter coming on I knew it was going to be even tougher.

So they went with the higher price. It was $30,000 over my price. At over 200 days on the market and two agents later, the house sold at $5,000 less than my expected price. I was not surprised, but I bet they were. And not in a good way.

Price your home according to:

  • Local market conditions
  • Location of your home
  • Condition of your home

Overpricing your home will be the kiss of death for you as well as me!

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