Selling your home in New Milford, CT is almost like having a baby.

Selling your home in New Milford, CT is almost like having a baby. Why is that? The absorption rate for single family homes in New Milford, CT is 36 weeks. The normal gestational period for a baby is 38 weeks. I don’t have to tell you what a gestational period is, but what is an absorption rate?

An absorption rate tells me how long it will take to sell the current inventory on the market at the current rate of sales. As of today in New Milford, CT the absorption rate is 36 weeks. That is a buyers market for sure. Absorption rates over 6 months are considered a buyers market. We are over 6 months, so it is a buyers market here. My guess is that the inventory will only increase as we get further into the new year, then the absorption rate for New Milford, CT will increase also.

How can you sell your home in a buyers market? Make your home as attractive as possible. What makes a home attractive? Here are a few things that buyers are looking at.

size and location

Buyers and their agents will be scrutinizing your home based on the price as related directly to the size, location and condition of your home. You cannot change the current size or location, but you can change the condition and or the price of your home. By taking a look at the direct competition and pricing below your best competition, you stand a better chance of selling your home faster than it takes the normal human female to have a baby.

Don’t let the market time for your home rival that of an elephant, which is 22 months! Now that is a serious “elephant in the room” to think about. For more information about selling your home in this buyers market in New Milford, CT call me at 203.460.1775 or send me an email ( to discuss your options. I have developed a proven marketing strategy, that when combined with proper pricing will put your home in a better position to be sold in a reasonable amount of time.

For more information on sales activity, check out my monthly real estate sales reports in New Milford, CT.

C Andrea Swiedler, 2011.


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