Selling your home in New Milford CT, winter challenges

Selling your home in New Milford, CT this winter?  New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk.

Sellling your home in the winter can be tough!
Winter is tough enough....

Selling your home in New Milford, CT this winter adds a few more challenges to the mix. As if keeping your house clean isn’t hard enough, now there is the added burden of…. snow and ice.

A few simple tips to help you keep your house on the “buyers map” for this time of year.

  • Keep the driveway plowed and the walkways free of snow and ice. Although you may thinks this is a no brainer, I can tell you that I have arrived at homes where people use the garage to enter the home and don’t think about the front door. Buyers will enter where the lock box is, so keep that shoveled and free of ice!
  • Clean off your decks if possible.
  • Keep your home warmer rather than colder. A cold house will make them leave faster! Welcome them inside from the cold weather, don’t chase them away!
  • Put an extra mat on the floor just inside the entrance to the house, this will give people something to wipe their feet on! If you are requesting they take off their boots you want to make sure they won’t have to walk on wet floors, make it easy for them to remove boots.
  • Look up because the buyers will! With all the news about roof collapses in Connecticut, if you can’t clean off your roof find a company that will do it for you. Just make sure they are licensed and insured, and ask for references. Do your homework first!

Selling your home in the winter months in New Milford, CT can offer some interesting challenges. Just remember to keep your home warm, comfortable and safe for those potential buyers!

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