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From Bison to ZemuGoshen, Connecticut, from American Bison to Zebu and everything in between! Even elephant and camel rides, right here in Connecticut! … Who says country life is boring?

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When I think of Goshen, Connecticut I think of two things, The Goshen Fair and the Goshen Stampede. But that is not the only thing Goshen is about. Goshen is home to the Goshen Fair Grounds, a busy place indeed, from Agricultural Events to Antique Car Shoes and Scottish Games, the Goshen Fair Grounds are a vibrant part of the local community.

There is so much more to Goshen…

Tyler Lake Goshen CTWoodridge Lake: A private lake community surrounding Woodridge Lake. Homes on Woodridge Lake vary in price and size, you can search homes for sale on Woodridge Lake in Goshen CT here. Woodridge Lake boasts to be one of the cleanest lakes in Connecticut. Residents who live in this community have access to the lake, to a new 12,500 square foot clubhouse, 8 tennis courts, a large swimming pool, 4 sand swimming beaches and 130 boat docks. There are year round activities in the club house for those who make Woodridge Lake their full time residence.

Tyler Lake:  I have heard Tyler Lake referred to as Goshen’s best kept secret. Perhaps they would not be happy with me spilling the beans about Tyler Lake. This beautiful lake is dotted with cottages and cabins that ring of a simpler time, as well as larger, more modern homes. Spanning 187 acres, Tyler Lake offers residents a great way to enjoy lake life on a smaller scale than some of the other lakes in the area.

There is a state boat launch on the western side of Tyler Lake. Many of the homes that dot the lake have their own docks. The maximum depth of Tyler Lake is 23 feet, the median depth is 13 feet. About 70% of the lake front is populated.


Goshen CT covers 45.2 square miles, with a population of 3,244 in 2009. It is rural and beautiful, driving through Goshen is a treat, a delight to the senses full of farmland and forest. The town of Goshen was incorporated in 1739. The big surprise for many is the rotary, the traffic circle, the roundabout, the crossroads. It is called many different things by many different people. But it is great for directions, go half way around the rotary, before the traffic circle, after the roundabout, take a left at the crossroads, you get the idea.  For more information about the town of Goshen, CT, visit the towns website.

Local Theater: The Goshen Players, a local icon in the area, was established in 1949. at They are located at the rotary in Goshen in the Old Town Hall. The Goshen Players are alive and well, bringing quality entertainment to the area.

Action Wildlife: Set on a former dairy farm on Route 4 in Goshen, (not far from the rotary) Action Wildlife offers great adventure for young and old alike. Exotic animals, drive through safari’s, petting zoo, from American Bison to Zebu and everything in between! (I knew you were wondering what I was talking about)

Commerford Zoo: Located on Torrington Road in Goshen, Commerford Zoo has quite the collection of exotic animals. They rent out their elephants, camels, ponies and more, they even have a unicow! They rent out animals for private parties, for amusement parks, fund raisers, all sorts of things.

You just never know, you might run into an elephant or a giraffe in Goshen, CT! Come on by and see for yourself.

If you think Goshen, CT might be the place for you to live, give Liddy or Andrea a call at 203.460.1775. We would love to introduce you to Goshen, CT. Quite the unique place to live. And who said country life was boring? Certainly not me!

Search Homes for Sale Goshen, CT


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