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Candlewood Lake, Lake Waramaug, Bantam Lake, Woodridge Lake, Tyler Lake, Litchfield County has some pretty amazing lakes to live on! Yes, the small state of Connecticut has the ocean on one side, and Litchfield County has the the two largest natural lakes and the largest man made lake in Connecticut on the other side! Add to that the other lakes, ponds and the lovely rivers we have and you may begin to understand the water fever we experience here when spring comes. We have water covered in Connecticut! (or maybe the water has us covered?)

Public, Private, Big or Small, Take Your Pick, We Have Them ALL!

All sizes, all prices, something for everyone. From the wildly fantastic and exclusive to the most modest home, we have many. Public lakes, man made lakes, private lakes, natural lakes, largest, smallest, they all have one thing in common. They are beautiful lakes. You can have lake frontage, lake views, lake rights, all depends on what you want to spend and where you want to live.

A bit about a few of the lakes of Litchfield County that we cover. Take a peek at some of the local scenes around our lakes, then explore a bit about the different lakes.

Candlewood Lake is the largest lake in Connecticut. It spans 5,420 acres. Candlewood Lake was created in 1928, acres of farmland were submersed by water pumped up from the Housatonic River. Candlewood Lake sprawls through 5 towns in both Litchfield and Fairfield Counties, creating great water activities for those who live in New Milford (Litchfield County), New Fairfield, Brookfield, Sherman and Danbury, CT (Fairfield County).

Interesting fact about the creation of Candlewood Lake. Although the residents of what is now Candlewood Lake were resettled to other areas, many of the buildings were left standing! Scuba divers have been known to run across the remains of old buildings, getting a glimpse into what life was like before Candlewood Lake was created.

From modest homes in lake communities, to wildly fantastic lake front homes, there is something for everyone. Gorgeous views, wonderful walks along the beach, hiking the trails along the lake, boating, fishing, scuba diving, swimming.  Each Candlewood Lake community has its own flavor and appeal, many with private docks and beaches for those who live within, offering a wonderful lifestyle for the lake lover!


Lake Waramaug spans the towns of Washington (New Preston), Warren and Kent, CT. Some of the most beautiful and prestigious homes in the area are gracefully set along the lakefront, it is truly one of the most gorgeous lakes I have ever seen. Many of the homes around Lake Waramaug date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They have been upgraded and updated over time, becoming favorites for those wishing for a luxury lake country home in Litchfield County.

I can promise you one thing, Lake Waramaug will provide you with some of the most spectacular eye candy Litchfield County has to offer!

Lake Waramaug is the second largest natural lake in Connecticut, although you do not realize it as you drive past the lake. Lake Waramaug has been a popular getaway since the 1800’s, many owners have left the look and feel of these antiques to reflect the period, which only adds to the charm. Take a drive around the lake road, you will see grand Victorian homes overlooking Lake Waramaug with large porches taking advantage of the views, homes with a more vacation cottage feel, capes with that distinctive “Cape Cod” charm. Many of the homes have fantastic boat houses and docks, private swimming areas. All set in the natural beauty of Lake Waramaug.


Bantam Lake, Litchfield (Borough of Bantam) and Morris, CT. Bantam Lake is the largest natural lake in Connecticut with a surface area of 947 acres. There is approximately 10 acres of shoreline, most of it natural woods with homes dotted around the shoreline. The White Memorial Foundation protects much of the area surrounding Bantam Lake and offers hiking trails, camping and much more. Homes along Bantam Lake range in price and size, offering something for everyone. Bantam Lake offers recreational boating and some of the best fishing around. Ice fishing is also a favorite on Bantam Lake, although I personally don’t understand the lure of ice fishing, but that is just me. There is also the Bantam Lake Yacht Club, which has been in existence since 1933. Members race small sailboats on Bantam Lake, and enjoy a variety of social activities at the club.


Woodridge Lake, Goshen, CT. A private lake community surrounding Woodridge Lake. Homes on Woodridge Lake vary in price and size.  Woodridge Lake boasts to be one of the cleanest lakes in Connecticut. Residents who live in this community have access to the lake, to a new 12,500 square foot clubhouse, 8 tennis courts, a large swimming pool, 4 sand swimming beaches and 130 boat docks. There are year round activities in the club house for those who make Woodridge Lake their full time residence.

Tyler Lake, Goshen, CT.  I have heard Tyler Lake referred to as Goshen’s best kept secret. Perhaps they would not be happy with me spilling the beans about Tyler Lake. This beautiful lake is dotted with cottages and cabins that ring of a simpler time, as well as larger, more modern homes. Spanning 187 acres, Tyler Lake offers residents a great way to enjoy lake life on a smaller scale than some of the other lakes in the area.  There is a state boat launch on the western side of Tyler Lake. Many of the homes that dot the lake have their own docks. The maximum depth of Tyler Lake is 23 feet, the median depth is 13 feet. About 70% of the lake front is populated.


If you are ready to move to one of the Lake Communities in Litchfield County, give us a call at 203.460.1775. You can be in your new home just in time to enjoy all the summer activities!


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