Summer might be winding down, but there is still plenty to do in Litchfield County!

The beach at Lake Waramaug State ParkYou can see the tinge in the trees, the summer flowers are almost finished blooming, the fall flowers are beginning to show off their colors, the tomatoes on my plants are turning red. It is all proof that despite the hot, hot, hot temperatures we are experiencing, fall is on the way. But, there are still plenty of places to go to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Lake Waramaug State Park

You don’t have to live on the lake, or be a resident of Washington or Warren to enjoy Lake Waramaug!

Lake Waramaug is truly one of my favorite spots here. From the drive to Lake Waramaug through the Village of New Preston, to the drive around the lake to get to the state park, I just love it. Lake Waramaug is beautiful, it is like stepping back in time. There are campgrounds and the park provides a beautiful beach on Lake Waramaug.

Parking fees apply at the Lake Waramaug State Park on the weekends and holidays. $9.00 for CT residents and $15 for out of state people. During the week, parking is FREE! Camping fees are $17 a night for CT residents and $27 a night for non residents.

Tip, if you like to bike, bring your bicycles. A trip around the lake on a bike is a very popular thing to do, you won’t regret it. The road curves around the lake and is a bit on the narrow side, so do be careful.

I am thinking I need to make a trip up there myself with the grandkids, maybe tomorrow afternoon!

Macedonia Brook State Park

Located in Kent, CT, this is a fantastic place for hiking and camping. There are no parking fees, so a trip up to have a picnic, to take a hike, or just to sit and enjoy the cooler temps and the peace and quiet is free. I love Macedonia Brook State Park, when my girls were young I used to pack them up with a picnic lunch and drive up there. There are some fantastic views over the Catskills and Taconics.

Camping fees apply, check out the rates here for Macedonia Brook State Park, or any Connecticut Park.

Harrybrooke Park in New Milford, CT.

Harrybrooke Park is another one of my favorite places to go, and has been for years. Many of my summer memories with my daughters involve Harrybrooke Park. Free to the residents of New Milford, it is a great place to escape for a bit, a popular place to walk, ride bikes, roller blade, fish or just relax. Over the years the funds available have diminished, and the Friends of Harrybrooke Park are working tirelessly to restore the park to its grandeur. Despite the lack of funds, the park is still beautiful, and offers a cooler respite from the summer heat in a quite setting. If you need a place for a larger picnic or event, contact the park to reserve a pavilion or spot in the park.

Get out there and enjoy what is left of the summer in Litchfield County! There is plenty to do, places to go, things to learn about and see. I have trips planned to The Silo in New Milford, Lake Waramaug State Park, to March Farm in Bethlehem with the grandchildren, the last free concert on the Green in New Milford. And truth be told, all that cost me was the gas and $9.00 for the day at Lake Waramaug State Park.


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