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Bored? Want to find something very fun and cool to do?

One of “those days”. You want to find something different to do in Connecticut and  you just can’t find it.

Whadday mean there's nothing to do?
Whadday mean there’s nothing to do?

After perusing the local papers, scouring the net, wracking your brain and you still can’t come up with something different, I think I have some inspiration for you!

I ran across what I think is one of the coolest blogs I have seen in a long, long time. A guy named Steve goes all over Connecticut and shares his adventures with us. Some of you may have seen him on TV or the news, or even read about him. But he was new to me. His blog is called Connecticut Museum Quest.

A museum blog?

Well, not really, not only. It is so much more than that! Steve goes way beyond the 4 wall traditional museum, he also hikes, drives, finds out of the way places we all might miss because we are just too busy to stop. I found the site so interesting, and it gave me a years worth of ideas. Places to go, things to learn about, even places to eat! And his style of writing is so enticing, I hope you actually stop reading and get out to explore a bit.

If anyone is complaining there is nothing to do, get some inspiration from Steve and his Connecticut Museum Quest. It’s not like Connecticut is so big you can’t take a day trip, expand your horizons a bit. And if you prefer to stay close to home I bet he has some cool stuff right around the corner from you!

One special blog all about Connecticut.

This truly is one of those blogs that is just so special you can’t miss it. I had a great time reading and learning and will be passing this on to many people. Steve is an amazing ambassador for Connecticut and he does have some pretty great suggestions on things to do. After all, it only takes 2 hours to drive across Connecticut, I am sure you will put a great day trip together after reading his posts!

Enjoy Connecticut!