There are no foolish questions! Litchfield County Real Estate

Litchfield County Real Estate, there are no foolish questions, really.

I have a really silly question....“I know this may be a silly/foolish/stupid question”… my response to that is “there are no silly/foolish/stupid questions”. Really. One may think that we haven’t been asked something before, but usually we have.

For instance, this question has been asked on more than one occasion by a person selling a home. Usually they whisper this question to me, feeling very embarrassed that they even have to ask it. HEY, I have heard it before, I will hear it again.

When do I have to move out of my home? Before the closing? If so, how much before? After the closing?

The buyer will do a walk through before the closing to make sure all is well, as agreed upon. My preference is to do the walk through a few hours before, sometimes my buyer will want to do the walk through the day before, if the seller has moved out. In that instance, I still do a walk through myself just before I head to the closing. Why do I do that? The short answer is, to make sure what you are buying is still there, as you expect it to be. I want to make sure no tree fell on the house, there wasn’t a fire, the pipes didn’t freeze, etc. Call me silly, but anything can happen to an empty home.

The answer is, you should be all moved out and the house in broom clean condition with all the conditions of the sale met before title is transferred at the closing. How much before depends on your situation, and we will work through that together. But unless prior arrangements have been made through the attorneys, you need be out before the closing. Once title transfers the house is no longer yours.

I had a closing I couldn’t attend, a blizzard at the last moment prevented me, or anyone else from my company from being able to attend. The attorneys were within walking distance of each other in a part of the state that wasn’t being hammered like we were, the papers had already been signed by both buyer and seller, it was a cash deal. And it went wrong, unbeknownst to any of us until 3 days later. The seller didn’t move. The buyer did a walk through the day before, the seller was in the process of packing up and all appeared to be on track. However…. the seller decided it was too overwhelming to move. Unusual situation, yes, probably even over the top. The attorney for the seller got a call from me, we determined the best course of action and the seller was persuaded to move out without any legal action having to be taken. She didn’t appear to understand that when the house was sold it was no longer hers.

So you see, there really are no foolish questions in real estate. Most likely we have either heard it before, or have a story to relate to you that answers your question. There are some questions we cannot answer due to fair housing laws and I will tell you just that. There are some questions we will refer you to others to get your answers, but there really are no foolish questions in real estate.

Ask away, I promise I won’t be laughing at your question!


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