Under deposit in 6 days! Real estate is selling in New Milford CT

How did you put that home for sale in New Milford, CT under deposit in six days of listing it on the Multiple Listing Service?

“Andrea, how did you do that?” An agent asked me as my sellers and I were looking at his listing. Mrs. Seller turned to him and replied, “because she is good, that’s how”! Poor guy, the house we were looking at has been on the market for over 500 days and has taken $140,000 in price reductions since then.

So he asked me again, “Andrea, how did you get that house under deposit in 6 days”? I told him point blank.

I have great sellers who “get it”. They listened to what I said, they did what I recommended, and then I did my marketing magic!

  • The house was priced to get immediate attention
  • The home was cleaned up and out
  • The hardwood floors were refinished
  • The walls were repainted
  • I took great photos
  • I marketed the heck out of it online right away

It is possible to sell a home quickly in New Milford, CT. I had great sellers who understood that the house needed to be priced to sell, priced to get immediate attention and they did just that. We went through the house and talked about things that needed attention, they addressed all the items on the list. Talk about dream sellers!

Then it was my turn…

I took photos, using a wide angle camera lens, not a point and shoot camera. I poured over the photographs, adjusting, straightening, picking the best of the best. I put the house on both MLS’s, I made up a listing flyer online using Realbird, I put a video on Youtube, on and on.

So yes indeed, it is possible to sell your home quickly in New Milford, CT. Price it right, price it aggressively, clean it up and out, and of course, give me a call at 203.460.1775!


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