Which came first, the buyer or the price?

buyer or price, which came first
Which came first....

The chicken or the egg? Was it the price of the house in Litchfield County, or the buyer that came first? These days it is the price, then the buyer will most likely follow. If the price is too high, there won’t be any buyer. If it is priced right, given the most current market conditions and the condition of your home, your house will be shown to prospective buyers.

You need to get buyers in to look in order to procure that all important offer!

A few questions to ask when you are considering selling your home.

The real estate market in Litchfield County, CT varies from town to town, and from price point to price point. The smaller towns are feeling the pinch, towns like Roxbury, Washington, Kent, Bridgewater, CT have slowed to a crawl. New Milford felt the pinch hard, the holidays, combined with the snow storm in October and all the cleanup that followed, have impacted the local real estate markets. The good news is that for the past 2 weeks there seems to be more buyers out there, more homes that are going under deposit. This may not be an indication that the market is getting better, it may only be temporary. But I will take whatever good news I can get!

Despite a fragile market, here are still homes that sell. Make sure you understand the market, the CURRENT and LOCAL real estate market. Put a price on your home to generate interest, and make sure that the interest is being generated to those prospective buyers that are on the internet looking for their new home!

For more information, give us a call at 203.460.1775 to discuss the most current real estate market stats that pertain to your home and the local area, and our unique marketing approach to get your home out to as many buyers as possible.


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