Price your house to sell, New Milford CT real estate talk.

Price your house to sell, New Milford CT real estate talk.

The biggest hurdle in a buyers market is pricing your home to sell. Why don’t you look at at a bit differently, more like buying a car. There is a significant difference in price between a house and a car. Usually anyway. When you decide to purchase a car and start your search you expect certain things. Many of you will even opt for a “pre-owned” certified vehicle, knowing and trusting that the vehicle will be in clean condition, anything that needed to be fixed was attended to, that it runs well, it is reliable, and of course that it look great! After all, you are going to spend some time in it, you may keep it for a few years.

You do want your moneys worth, right?

When you sit behind the wheel of the car to test drive it you want it to drive well, be comfortable, safe and boy it better smell good! And don’t forget about shopping around for the best price, you certainly don’t want to overpay for it, no way!

Why is it that most people, when they decide to sell their homes don’t think like this? Clean it up, get the kinks out of it, make it available for people to see, to “test drive” it so to speak. It should have a clean house smell, rather like that “new car” smell in the used car you just bought. It should be clean, did you climb into that vehicle and have to deal with “stuff” all over the car? It needs to “run well”, just like that car you bought. If you had gotten into the car, turned the key and it didn’t turn over you wouldn’t have purchased it. Why would a potential buyer want your home if the roof leaks, the furnace is ancient, the septic is questionable? And why would they want to overpay for the house? After all, there are plenty of other homes to pick from that are priced better, priced according to condition, according to the market.

The buyer for your home wants their moneys worth too!

The price of a home is a wee bit more than the price of a car. Think about that if you are putting you house on the market, or if your house is on the market and it is not bringing you any lookers or offers. And believe me, this is true of homes in all price ranges. Small, large, expensive, modest, doesn’t matter.

If you are thinking about selling you home in the greater New Milford, CT area, pick up the phone and call me. I can promise to honestly discuss how a buyer will see your home, what you can do to compete with others, and give you a straight forward, no nonsense opinion of value for your home.

Price your house to sell!


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